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We might say The adventure of fishingtarget.com begins in October 2003. Since many years sportily occupied with a very serious manner in the field of the sport fishing, but particularly in the surfcasting’ technique, the founder – Antonio Paolo Carratello “Tony j.” – decided to transform his almost thirty years acquired experience (from 1982) and his passion, in a project that involves all age of persons, an authentic portal that has the target to become an active meeting point, with ideas, skills, and debate around internet, and specially in the sport fishing online.

So, it was born “surfcastingrhodes.com” (today fishingtarget.com), the information on entirely line dedicated to the thematic of the sport fishing in general, that, thanks to the big work of internal organization directed by the same Tony and a good organization of the external co-operators, offers information, queries, notes, tips, critical remarks, etc… and vocabularies (glossary) of the terms used in the various fishing techniques.

With many thousands of pages read during the last years, in addition to many new features and hundreds of articles published, fishingtarget.com may well be proud of being the on line reference point for all those who, experienced or not, or just curious, they want to deeply understand the endless opportunities offered by the network and, follow the fast development. It is not a case that the slogan chosen and adopted by fishingtarget.com is: The worst day fishing is always better then the best day working.

Our Target

Around fishingtarget.com day by day are developped new services and added new areas of activities. Today, after six years of activity, fishingtarget.com, offers to its visitors: up to date informations (news from the market, Abstract of market research and forecast), contents (articles, market research, examinations), references and links, services, interactions (dynamic polls, forum, the experts answer). In the same time is a place where two community typologies might come closer: the community of the experient that come close to the world of informations about the sport fishing on line giving disposition to every body of their personal many years experiences; and the community of neophytes, who are those that for various reasons come close or try to come close to this (for them) fascinating and involving world of sport fishing. Fishingtarget.com was born with the secureness to become “the” meeting center of knowledges and contents from on side, and services from the other, all this optimized for discuss and serve in a concrete and plain matter all those persons that come close to the world of internet. This approach do not want necessarily create the conditions for the creation of a sector market place, but a really target-community of interests around the sport fishing phenomenon, where the mere circuits that can be charged, makes no other that increase and make producrive the value of the portal (Metcalfe's law). The development model of fishingtarget.com is based on the “brand” (must be easily on line identifiable, wether with the name or as image) and on the “trust” of the initiative: impartiality of the resource, sobriety in the contents, continuous up to date, accurate delivery of specific informations. In the confirmed and characterized service offered, fishingtarget.com follows some guide precepts: simple and clear talk for serious and bleak contents, impartiality in the used resources, regular serious and creditable informations feeding, constant revision.

Provider of journalistic contents for portals and magazines

Thanks to the big editorial experience and the knowledge of the information's market on line, fishingtarget.com offers these experiences also to others. Contents and personalized fishing press reports and other initiatives for to let know with serious and clear contents and appropriate project, enterprise and experiences on line.

Base for the promotion online

Thanks to the every day growing number of targeted readers, fishingtarget.com is capable to offer, by the own site, specially the daily news letter, a functional mean to let know the brand, the offer, the events, and the enterprises initiatives who want to see more visibility on line. In this case, the acquired experience allow a constructive comparison to localize a better action's startegy and realize realistic and profitability projects.

Provider of applicative solutions

Thanks to the many years of Tony's experience in the sector of the sport fishing, fishingtarget.com has developed from the beginning innovative solutions tested in the same portal and offered then to its own network and to the persons who finded interests. The offer of applicative solutions, born from the development of micro-applications act to make better the view and functionality of the site did bring then to the creation of a developped sistem for the portal management. A suite of modular solutions who offers an integrated platform of Content Management, for the administration of the contacts and the increase of serious contents on line.