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Everyone can participate in the page of FISH RECORD CATCHES, sending at the emails of the site - beachman@pathfinder.gr or tony_joselito@hotmail.com - the picture of a single prey of same o superior weight to the minimum indicate in the table. Fisherman must indicate clearly 1) name and family name, 2) the name of the fish, 3) the weight of the fish, 4) the place of the catch, 5) the technique used, 6) the outfit and bait, 7) date and hour of the catch. PICTURES WITH NO MORE THAN TWO CATCHES WILL BE SET IN THE PHOTO GALLERY OF THE SITE, WHILE PICTURES WITH MORE CATCHES WILL BE WASTED. PICTURES OF UNDERWATER CATCHES DONE PROFESSIONALLY OR ALSO WITH NETS OR ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUE ARE NOT WELCOME.
fishes not included in the table will be added while receiving pictures and infos
click the name of the protagonists to open the page with their pictures and infos


Grass Carp (amur) kg. 10,00  
Eel kg. 2,00  
Common Barbel kg. 1,500  
Cammon Carpe kg. 1,00 Dario Cappagli kg. 13,00
Mirror Carpe kg. 5,00 Robert Watts 74lb 4ozs (33.7kgs)
Chub kg. 1,500  
Twait Shad kg. 1,00  
Northern Pike kg. 6,00  
Grey Mullet kg. 2,00 Luigi Mattinale kg. 8,00
Perch kg. 1,00  
Black Bass kg. 1,800  
Danube Roach kg. 1,00  
Zander kg. 4,00  
Italian Nase kg. 1,00  
Common Rudd kg. 0,800  
Wels Catfish kg. 30,00  
Sturgeon kg. 08,00 Brian Atkins 55lb (25kg)
Grayling kg. 0,900  
Tench kg. 2,500  
Brown Trout kg. 2,00  
Rainbow Trout kg. 3,00  
Marble Trout kg. 4,00 Sambugaro Alberto kg. 7,200
kg. 5,00 Giuseppe Martino kg. 8,200
Conger kg. 10,00  
Striped Sea Bream kg. 0,900  
Moray Eels kg. 3,00  
Dorado kg. 5,00 Brandon Carratello 20 lb (kg. 9,00)
Corb kg. 2,00  
Silverstrop Blaasops kg. 2,00 Tony Carratello kg. 8,500
Barracuda kg. 2,500 Jimmy Tardieu kg. 3,00
Gilthead Sea Bream kg. 2,00  
Pagellus kg. 5,00  
White Seabream kg. 1,500  
Bluefish kg. 3,00 Marco Calafiore kg. 5,800
Sea Bass kg. 4,00 Micci Daniele kg. 9,200