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 Barry The Giant  40 lb. Coalfish Boated
 Attention!! Poisonous Fish  Junior Conger Record
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 Skandalopetra Games In Greece  The Great White Of Cojimar
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 Armoured Fish Catched In Leicestershire  Gizani, The Fish Of Rhodes
 Titanic Battle With 249 lb Nile Perch  The Lessepsian Immigration
 Monster Shark Bites Great White In Half  The Skandalopetra Dive
 Australia’s “Terrifying” Dragonfish  The Oldest Fishing Book
 Small Tsunami In Pozzallo  Record Black Seabass
 The Silverstripe Blaasop  World's Record Sea Bream
 The Alligator Gar Is One Ugly Fish  
 Record All-Tackle Wels Catfish  
 Belizean Mangrove Conservation  
 The Weird Creature  
 Possible Record Striped Bass  
 I.G.F.A. Length World Record Fishes Category  
 Eligible Species and Minimum Lengths for All-Tackle Records  
 Giant Squid On Pechon Beach