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 Surfcasting: What Is It ?  The Beach Fishing Rigs
 Surfcasting In The Mediterranean Sea  The Sinkers Of The Surfcasting
 The Beach Types  
 The Beach Fishing Types  
 The Beaufort Scale  
 The Douglass Sea cale  
 The Wind Rose  
 Moon And Tides  
 The Atmospheric Perturbation  
 Meteorology In Surfcasting Technique  
 The Thermic Inversion  
 The Rods  
 The Rod's Action  
 The Parabolic Rod  
 The Medium Action Rod  
 The Stiff Rod  
 Beaches: Origins And Morphology  
 Aberdeen, O'Shaughnessy, Beak  
 The Fishing Hooks  
 Baits: How, Where, When  
 The Coastal Currents  
 The Beach Sectors