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Create a knot and tie it in the right way, are two different things. In the first case, knot only itself in not sufficient to ensure us to hold the fish, so, tying a knot in the right way is, naturally, totally different. All this, in the moment that it will help us in the fighting with fish, is obvious that will make knots very important. In case of "work" with different fishes, for what concerns the knots, we should have good knowledge in the right tying. Nowaday, we can surf in internet or buy one of the many books we can find in the market, to learn all what we need to know about knots for the different uses in the various fishing techniques and, at least, choice for three or four of these. There is no doubt that many knot and their tying, for some experienced fishermen, are a secret, so, when we fish, we try to choice a knot we are sure we can perform in the right way to ensure us to hold the fish, big or small doesn't matter. Don't forget to wet knot with a little spittle or a little water and tie it than uniformly and enough strongly, than cut the line in surplus. During our free time, we have to train to make more and more some knots until when we'll be able to do it speedy and rightly.

My modest opinion is that, as professionist fishermen, should be a good thing to know several knots: the right tying of a knot, for a sport-fisherman, is a great ability. In the reality, we might look amongst "search engines" the "step by step" of the good performing of different and several knots. The realization of a knot with many "twistings", doesn't seam necessarily it is more qualified or better than another one: many of the world records have been realized because perfect, rapid, and easy knots, understanding so that fishermen dedicated most importance to the control and tying of knot.

So, once we became experts in knots tying, we can be sure that ahead we'll not loose any more fishes because the bad tying of knots. In any case, it should be a very good thing to learn at least three or four knots of the most simple execution and, as we already sayd, train with seriously these, anyway, the good tying of a knot will not only make us some good fishermen, but it will give us also the ensurance to our interests and our needs: all this, before some fish escapes cause the inutility of the same knot. Is also true that exists some knots that will give us many satisfactions and others the contrary, so, it is very important to choice knots with care for to do a good job.

Fishing Knot Basics

  1. Choose the right fishing knot and tie it correctly.
  2. Lubricate knots with water or saliva before drawing tight.
  3. Draw knots as tight as possible.
  4. Trim tag ends close to the knot.
  5. Fish often!
  6. Take a kid fishing!
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Albright Special Blood Knot Butterfly Knot Centaury Clinched Half Blood
Drop Loop Dropper Loop Grinner Half Blood Hook Snell
Hook Snood Palomar Swivel To Double Uni Knot Arbor Knot
Gray's Loop Knot Loop To Loop Perfection Loop Slip Knot Nail Knot