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"Tony j."

Antonio Paolo “Tony j.” Carratello, is a man that professionally, as many other in Greece, is engaged in the turistic sector, practically from ever. Was born in Pozzallo in June the 28th 1955, the southern town of Sicily in the province of Ragusa, from Sicilian father and Greek mother, from the island of Tilos.

Tony grew up with fishing love in his blood and now lives in Rhodes/Greece with his wife and their four children from the beginning of 1994. Officially, Tony began his agonistic fishing career since 1980, when in the Mediterranean Countries surfcasting were still at dawn. In Italy, Tony has also taken part in hundreds of tournaments all over the Country winning tens of cups, medals and memory plates reaching two times also two National good places.

In 1991 the second place of the Italian Championship for Clubs winning also the Gold Metal, and another time, in 1992, being finalist and winning the silver medal and the silver memory plate in the same Italian Championship. Whilst in Greece, and particularly in Rhodes, there was not yet the mentality of the surfcasting, Tony, was and still is the first and the only one that with great passion and difficulties drive a lot of young people and persons of different age teaching fishing that until now, for different reasons, is still unknown. To day Tony’s passion, like then, have seen awarded his devotion with a multitude of aficionados that have toward him respect and gratitude.

Fishing reporter and columnist in to a well known national fishing magazine, Tony has awarded his professional dream in the name of surfcasting. Also if he has been obliged, few years ago, to leave for several months (with his oldest son) cause difficulties with their health, Tony continues indefatigable teaching and fishing addressed to young and new aficionados who come close this contest.

Followings are few of the many awards:

1989 = Bronze Medal – Catania/Sicily/Italy – 1* Trophy City of Catania

1991 = Trophy - Alcamo/Sicily/Italy - 6* Regional Trophy Andrea Gangi

1991 = Cup – Scoglitti/Sicily/Italy - Ι˚ Trophy City of Vittoria

1991 = Cup - Agrigento/Sicily/Italy - 4* Trophy of the Temples

1991 = Silver Medal – Gela/Sicily/Italy – Sicilian Regional Championship

1991 = Memory Plate - Catania/Sicily/Italy - Provincial Championship of the Sea 1991

1991 = Gold Medal – Marina di Sorso/Sardegna/Italy – Italian Club's Surfcasting Championship 2* Soc. Class.

1991 = Silver Medal – Catania/Sicily/Italy – Participation to the Italian Club's Surfcasting Championship

1991 = Cup – Cannatello/Sicily/Italy – 2* Trophy City of Favara

1992 = Bronze Medal – Catanzaro/Calabria/Italy – Trophy FIPS Tre Colli

1992 = Cup - Vittoria/Sicily/Italy - Trophy City of Vittoria

1992 = Cup - Gela/Sicily/Italy - Trophy City of Gela

1992 = Cup - Scicli/Sicily/Italy - Trophy City of Scicli

1992 = Frame - Agrigento/Sicily/Italy - Trophy City of Agrigento

1992 = Cup - Gela/Sicily/Italy - 2* Trophy City of Gela

1992 = Cup - S. Leone/Sicily/Italy - 2* Trophy City of Agrigento

1992 = Trophy 1* - Kastalia/Sicily/Italy - 2* Trophy City of Vittoria

1992 = Trophy 2* - Kastalia/Sicily/Italy - 2* Trophy City of Vittoria

1992 = Cup - Alcamo/Sicily/Italy - 7* Regional Trophy Andrea Gangi

1992 = Silver Plate - Catania/Sicily/Italy –Italian Club's Surfcasting Championship - finalist

1992 = Memory Pin - S. Vincenzo/Livorno/Italy - Italian Club's Surfcasting Championship 1992

1992 = Cup - Scoglitti/Sicily/Italy - 3* Trophy City of Vittoria

1993 = Cup - Milazzo/Sicily/Italy - 1* Memorial G. Proto

1993 = Silver Medal - Milazzo/Sicily Italy - 1* Memorial G. Proto