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A fisherman from Cedeira, northern of La Coruña, in the North-West Spain, caught a 6,2 kg. sea bream and reaches the world’s record.

The specimen exceeds one hundred grams the one caught last month by Iván González.

Ferrol, 09 November 2015

Gerardo Martinez is 44 y.o. and is already 17 years practicing the underwater fishing.
He knows very well the Cedeira’s coast and so, yesterday came across a truly an impressive sea bream which became a record catch, because even weighs 6,2 kg. while the larger of this species generally doesn’t exceed two kg.

“I was 18 mt. deep, nea,r a slot just before the lighthouse at Punta Candieira, I saw it go out gaining more depth and there, in the water, it looked even bigger”, says this resident of Cedeira, as he realizes that he can have obtained a world record just after one monthof the Ferrolan Ivàn Gonzàles brought home another 6,1 kg. sea bream and until it is the counterpart of the catch weight of Gerardo Martinez – it still remains the largest ever documented.

In water, Gerardo Martinez was impressed with the extent of this fish, but once on the ground, he realized the importance. However, when he got home, his wife was to encourage him to bring the fish to show it to someone, somewhere, to be able to certify the unprecedented size of the catch.

Weighed in the same association that also wighed the other fish just one month before, it is not possible that this catch finish on the plate of any restaurant, because the intention of Gerardo is that experts or Xunta biologists would examine it and be able to study.

Gerardo doesn’t know what to do, while Ivàn, the fisherman who caught the other sea bream just one month before, was thinking about several options to keep the record, and donate the fish to the Estaciòn Bioloxica of A Grana or to the Sociedade Galega De Historia Natural.

As much as, Gerardo either Ivàn, that caught other “big boots” as Mediterranean groupers and big red drums (Sciaenops Ocellatus) in different underwater fishing immersions.                               

Now they hope that the responsible authority could certify that “the fish was in one of the slots of the lighthouse at Punta Candieira”.

Gerardo Martínez explain us that went at a restaurant where surprised very much and fortunately contacted the president of the fishermen’s Association that, at least weigh it.
Now will begin the transmission of the documents certifying the weight of the catch that, surely is a “Sharpsmouth Sea bream”.