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1800s to early 1900s wood spools 1908 Shakespeare FAVORITE Indian Silk 1895 and 1903 for Stark and Weckesser of Dayton 19th Century Edw. K. Tryon PENNELL H. B. Casting Silk Line Abbey & Imbrie MALTESE - Catalog listed 1907 late 1800s to early 1900s style very thin line spools 1905 - 1908 Clark Horrocks Saranac late 1800s Empire City Crescent Bass Line - A&I
Late 1800s to early 1900s style label for T. J. Conroy Minnow Casting Line 1903 E. J. Martin KINGFISHER High Grade pair with box Main Mermaid pic Back side Labels of Mermaid Brand Group Front Side labels of Mermaid Spool Group 1922 Mermaid Brand from stationary 1918 Mermaid from Stationary Jan 1922 full Page AD for Mermaid Brand Lines
1922 AD with both Mermaids Teens and Twenties side by side 1910 - 1922 Hair 1922 - 1930 Hair 1910 - 1922 Mermaid fish 1922 - 1930 Mermaid fish pre 1922 Mermaid Brand on card post 1922 Mermaid Brand
1900 - 1933 Invincible White flourish 1934 Invincible Label 1924 Musky Invincible Musky Invincible 1934 - 1935 - 1936 Art DEco Box 1937 year only Art Deco Box last year label 1938 box with new 1939 bubble pack 1940-41 Yellow box pair
The line that Al Foss Always Used 1915 R J Hillinger Ad 1923 Mardhall Fields Catalog Listing for Hillinger lines Jan. 1922 All Foss- Hillinger Bull Frog Lines AD 1922 Al Foss - Bull Frog Lines AD Copy 1922 Bull Frog - Al Foss AD Copy U. S. L. Back Side Label 1920s U S LINE Braiding Detail AD
1926 United State Line Catalog USL Perfection 1926 USL Catalog - Revised listing 1927 Satisfaction replaced Perfection brand name 1937 last Catalog listing for the Satisfaction Heddon simson circa 1928 Canton Caster - Coller Front and Back covers of the 1915 Ashaway booklet A FEW LINES ABOUT LINES
Story of the Swastika Brand from A FEW LINES ABOUT LINES 1915 Thos. J. Conroy Letter to Ashaway circa 1902 - 1915 Ashaway Back Label circa 1915- 1925 Ashaway back label late 1920s to early 1930s Ashaway back label Swastika and Rising Sun TRANSITION LOGO circa 1925 - 1933 Ashaway back label Circa 1934 - 1936
circa 1936 - 1941 Ashaway back label circa 1943 Ashaway back label circa 1940s Ashaway back label circa 1950s Ashaway back label