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0001 “Choy’s Monster.” It weighed 1,805 lbs or 820 kg when weighed in Honolulu in 1970. Capt. Cornelius Choy and his daughter Gail
0002 428 lbs Seabass
0004 2003-1
0005 2003-2
0007 Ernest Hemingway, Michael & Helen Lerner And Julio Sanchez With A Nice Catch Of Marlin In Bimini.
0008 Zane Grey Being Congratulated By One Of The Tahitian Chiefs After Catching His World Record 1,040 Pound Marlin In 1930
00011 Old Fishing Shot
00012 A Group Of Big Blue-fin Tuna Caught Off Wedgeport Nova Scotia. Tommy Gifford Far Right.
00013 Alfred Glassell Poses With His Long Standing World Record Black Marlin Weighing 1,560 Pounds Caught Off Cabo Blanco Peru In 1953
00014 An Unknown Angler And A Nice Marlin. Notice The Hardy Zane Grey Reel And Rod
00015 antique2005_095
00016 antique2005_096
00017 antique2005_097
00018 antique2005_098
00019 antique57421
00020 Big Sea Bass 384 lbs
00021 Bob Russell Of Port Arthur Texas With One Heck Of A Reel. Give Me A Call If You Find That One!
00022 Captain Mitchell, Zane Grey's Fishing Companion, With His World Record Black Marlin, Caught In The Waters Off New Zealand. The Fish Weighed 976 Pounds And Held The Worlds Record For Nearly 60 Years
00023 Chisie Farrington Poses With A Big Blue-fin Tuna
00025 Code Brittain (8 years old) fishing at Chute Noire, Rapides des Chats, Ottawa River, July 13th 1908
00026 Col. G.W. Schauffler With His Friend And Guide Jack Weygant Fishing For Tuna With One Of Schauffler's Custom Built Reels
00027 Dick Walkers famous 44 lbs carp
00028 Double Header Marlin! Photo Taken By Jimmy Albright.
00029 Early Picture Of Zane Grey With A Large Broadbill Swordfish Caught Off Catalina Island
00030 Ernest Hemingway And Henry Strater Examine The Remains Of A Huge Mutilated Blue Marlin Which Strater Fought Off Bimini In 1936. Apple-cored Again!
00031 Ernest Hemingway congratulates Helen Lerner and her husband Michael for landing a big blue marlin in Bimini
00032 Ernest Hemingway fishes the Havana Marlin Tournament 1960.
00033 Ernest Hemingway Posing With The First Unmutilated Tuna Caught Off Bimini. Many Had Been Hooked Before But Had Either Broken Off Or Been Cut By Sharks.
00034 Ethan Wayne Reeves, Sr., a son of James Milton Reeves standing on his fishtrap in the Flint River in the early 1900's.
00037 Fishing Off Bimini With The Knowles Tuna Reel.
00039 huntsville_state
00044 Gar Wood Jr. With An 80 Pound Pacific Sailfish Caught On 8 Pound Test Off The Coast Of Panama In 1963
00045 George Garey Holding One Of His Custom Made Reels Lands A Big Broadbill Swordfish Off Tocopilla Chile
00046 George Garey With His 842 Pound World Record Broadbill Swordfish Caught In The Waters Off Tocopilla Chile In 1936
00047 Georgia McCoy With Her 751 Pound Blue-fin Tuna, Wedgeport Nova Scotia 1938
00048 Giant Blue-fin Tuna Hooked Off Turtle Rock Near Bimini By Kent Darling And Mutilated By Sharks Before It Could Be Brought To Gaff. Apple-cored!
00049 Girl_musky
00050 Girls_antique_lures_fish
00051 Helen Lerner Fishes From A Dory In Wedgeport Nova Scotia. Tommy Gifford In The Front Of The Boat Lends A Hand
00053 In Nova Scotia In 1924, Zane Grey Brought In This World Record Blue-fin Tuna
00054 large_old_antique_musky_lure_heddon
00055 Lauri Rapala with a pike
00057 Lou Marron Poses With A Big Blue Marlin
00058 Marjorie's_Memorial_Fishing
00059 Zane Grey Poses With His World Record Tiger Shark On The Beach In Sydney Australia In 1936
00060 Michael & Helen Lerner Catch A Nice Pair Of Marlin Off Bimini During The 1937 Fishing Season
00061 Michael & Helen Lerner Pose With A Nice Catch Of Marlin During Their Peru-Chile Expedition 1940
00062 Michael Lerner And Doug Osborne With A Large Broadbill Swordfish In South America 1940
00063 Michael Lerner Poses With Three Big Marlin During His 1940 Peru-Chile Expedition
00064 Michael Lerner Seems Happy With His Catch Of Five Big Blue-fin Tuna Caught Off Wedgeport Nova Scotia
00065 Michael Lerner, Tommy Gifford And The LeBlanc Brothers Seem Contented With The Weeks Catch Of Blue-fin Tuna Off Wedgeport Nova Scotia.
00066 Mrs. Bloomingdale Caught This Large Blue-fin Tuna Off Wedgeport Nova Scotia
00067 muskys
00068 Old fisherman from the Danube Delta.
00069 Old derby
00070 Old_antique_fishing_lures_fish_pike_bass
00071 Old_musky_fishing
00082 Single_musky
00083 Sturgeon_old_picture_lures
00084 Ted Williams With A 1,235 Pound Black Marlin Caught Off Cabo Blanco Peru In 1954.
00085 The finnish legend Lauri Rapala
00086 The -Florida Cracker- Prepares To Go Fishing Out Of Miami
00087 The huge aligator gar as once was
00088 The master at work Lauri Rapala carving one of the wobblers that revolutionized spinning
00090 Tommy Gifford With An Unknown Angler And Her Big Blue-fin Tuna
00091 Tommy Gifford, Doug Osborne, S. Kip Farrington & His Wife Chisie With A 542 Pound Blue-fin Tuna Taken Off Bimini. In 1936 It Was The Biggest To Date.
00092 World Record Sea Bass 436 lbs
00093 World-record largemouth basscaught by japanese angler Manabu Kurita in Lake Biwa Japan on Thursday, July 2, 2009
00094 Zane Grey And His Great White Shark Or As He Called It -White Death Shark- Caught In Australia
00095 Zane Grey And One Of His Trusty Kovalovsky Reels Fishing Off The Australian Coast
00096 Zane Grey Being Congratulated By One Of The Tahitian Chiefs After Catching His World Record 1,040 Pound Marlin In 1930
00097 Zane Grey Hooked Up To Another Big One
00098 Zane Grey inspects a big marlin in Tahiti.
00099 Zane Grey Poses His Custom Built 20-0 Kovalovsky Reel
000100 Zane Grey Poses With A Silver Marlin
000101 Zane Grey Poses With His Tackle